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About Successful YOU! ® Our mission is to transform self-publishing one book at a time.

We are committed to closing the quality gap between independent and traditional publishing by supporting aspiring writers, published authors and publishing professionals with rich resources to achieve excellence in self-publishing.

If you aspire to publish a book, access our author tools, trainings, and supportive community to build your skills and confidence.

When you are you ready to publish visit the Indie Author Market™ our self-publishing marketplace, to find the precise freelancer for your needs. Publishing pros listed on Indie Author Market™ have been vetted for service and quality so you can confidently request quotes, make a hiring decision and meet your publishing deadline.  When you learn the ins and outs about successful you, you will find our marketplace the perfect platform to sell books, build your fan or client base and much more.


The road to becoming an independent author was unexpected but serendipitous. The journey led to the creation of Successful YOU!™ (SY!) and a variety of exciting projects all serving the independent author and publishing community. We are growing right along with our clients to remain a value to them with services and products.  Our clients can look forward to

  • Information packed live and virtual training content.
  • Notice and opportunity to participate in publishing initiatives for exposure and growth in business
  • Practical information and resources to increase book sales.
  • Opportunities to connect with peers and create great professional relationships