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Successful You!® Help Authors Self-Publish Books

Engaging freelancers to help authors self-publish books

There should be no quality gap between independent and traditional publishing. We work to close it—one book at a time. Successful YOU! is dedicated to equipping the indie publishing industry with information, tools, and insights for high-quality publishing.  Our mission is simple. Help authors self-publish books. Publishing pros on Indie Author Market are vetted for service and quality so you can confidently request quotes, make a hiring decision and meet your publishing deadline.

Consider IndieAuthor.Market™ a virtual meetup for self-publishing authors and publishing trade freelancers. Meet freelancers, review ratings and qualifications and hire the perfect team member to produce your bestseller book.  It has to be a win-win, so freelancers you have over thirty reasons to list on Indie Author Market. First, it is a niche marketplace hosting all of the publishing trades. Second, you are not limited in categories so if you are a master in multiple trades, you may list them and offer bundle discounts and special offers. Visit us for more information.  

It is advantageous to work with our platform because we solved the most frustrating aspects of the self-publishing process and created a mechanism to incentivize excellence in freelance services. We help independent authors avoid the frustration and expense of publishing poor quality work and delays due to a lack of verified freelance partners to meet authors their needs. Our ideal clients are content creators looking to publish impactful work and who make personal and financial investments to accomplish their goals.

If you aspire to write and publish a book, access the author tools and training on this site.  Join the supportive community to build your skills and confidence. We want to help you build your publishing dream team. Published authors will find our marketplace the perfect platform to sell books, and build fan or client bases.  We are using technology to transform self-publishing by creating a clear path to independent publishing for writers and authors. We facilitate affordable, high-quality book publishing services.    Successful YOU! is helping rewrite the narrative around self-publishing.

Why Successful YOU!®Coaching?

You’ll find your WHY for the clarity and encouragement to power you to reach your publishing goals.


Get clarity to deliver a book your audience will love.


Assess your abilities and map a strategy.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Examine and improve your strategy.

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MailCon 1-Day Conference ($)

Join 500+ email marketers at MailCon, a one-day experience uniting email marketing professionals and industry-leading brands with the latest and most advanced technology, solutions, and strategies.

Miami Book Fair

During eight days each November hundreds of authors and thousands of readers converge on Downtown Miami for the nation’s premier literary festival.

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